Sunday, 30 January 2011

Back Again

Hi Guys,

I have been gone for a while for a many things mainly because I have been really busy. But I'm back and hopefully it is going to stay that way :). I have thought of a few ideas for posts for the next two weeks or so. My aim is to do at least one post a week. It's like a ' Wish list ' sort of thing. Like products I want to try and all that stuff. And if any of you have any ideas for post comment and let me know. My next post should be up soon.

By Jasmine <3

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Halloween !


Halloween is coming very soon and alot of people on Youtube are making videos about what kind of Halloween looks they want to do. I think most of the Halloween looks on Youtube are very dramatic and must take a long time to come up with. I found some pictures on google and i thought that these looks were really dramatic and AMAZING ! But the last picture is quit simple which i also like. For Halloween it does not have to be all all Dark and dramatic. You can use bright colours. For me on Halloween I'm going to use me Sleek Sunset Palette and hopefully get a good look out of it !

So these are the three pictures I found that I though were just amazing and really creative.
I no its early for Halloween but next to Christmas and my birthday its one of my favourite times of the year !
And i would like to thank *Starsglittermagic* for giving me an award thanks so much ill do another post soon about it.
Cutecatrjazz x

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Update/ Nail polish/ lip gloss review

★ Hello Everyone !!:) x

★ So this post is going to be split into three parts. PART ONE : So I know when the summer stared I had loads and loads of post and then I took a break, and then I started to slow down. So I think I’m going to stick to the most being one post per week and if I can’t do that ( which I’m sure I can ) Then it will be one every two weeks. So yeah that’s that

★ PART TWO : The Nail polish that i have tried again and again is a blue nail polish in Turquoise which is a really bright blue colour that I love. I have a thing for really bright colours that stand out !
Also what I have been loving is their 3 in 1 nail polish. Which is a top coat, base coat and nail hardener. My Friend said it was so good and worth buying, and it would help my nails. It has helped so much I completely recommend this nail polish and it dries really fast as well. ( this is not my hand by th eway )

★ PART THREE : The lip gloss that I have a short review on Body Shop lip gloss and its one of their Shine Lip Treatment lipgloss. Mine that i have was acutally a present so the one I have is in 15 Cherry Shimmer I think. But I love this because its so sticky and that way it does not fade a quickly as other lip gloss. I have seen some other ones on the Body Shopwebsite they are £9.50 bit much but If you like sticky lipgloss that tells it's true collur then I recomend this to YOU! ( the one that I have is the cherry colour one, just thought you might like to see what another one looks like. )

Well that's that I hoped you liked it and look for another post next week :) xx
★Cutecatrjazz x

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner Reveiw


This is a review on the Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner. I will try to put it in as much as possible and I hope you like it.

★ The Aussie shampoo I have is the Miracle Moist. I use this on because my hair is very dry at the bottom and gets greasy at the top after a few days. I like this because it smells so good and it helps the ends and my hair. I also think it makes my hair feel alot softer on its own. And my hair is not as dry anymore.

★ The Conditioner I have is the Mega Instant. On the bottle it says every day use. When I go this ( well my mum got it for me ) I was worried about this because I would not use this everyday. But I find that it leaves your hair feeling so so so SOFT !! and healthy. I love this conditioner, also because my hair is very thick so I use a heavy conditioner. And for thick, dry hair this works so well. Even when I leave it to dry naturally it still feels soft which I love !!

★ So that's it if anyone has any other aussia shampoo I should try for thick and long hair then comment and let me no. Also let me no about what shampoo and conditioner you all use and let me no if it is any good !

Im Back !!

Hello Everyone im back.
Im really sorry I was gone for a really long time but I'm Back now. So I have a few ideas for posts but not that many, so please please comment and let me no about what you want to see ( or read ). ANd thank you to all my followers I am SO SO SO SO happy !!!
My next post will be up either today or within the next couple of daysx
Cutecatrjazz xx

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Last Post of a while

HI everyone,
This is going to be my last post for a while. Because I'm going away for away for a bit. I didn't have time to post anymore posts but when I come back there will be loads. I hope you all have a sun shine day and I look forward to posting again soon.

Cutecatrjazz x

Summer (holiday) must haves !!


So I was thinking of a post to do and i had a hard time thinking of some before I leave for a while. So there will be about 4-5 posts up until friday. ( that will be the last post up on that day ) So i hope you all like this post and comment for any last minuet things you want me to post.

★ I recommend bringing an Ipod if you have one. Which I'm pretty sure mostly everyone has a music or movie player of some sort. I thik this is good for summer to bring to the beach, pool, or any trips your going on. This is good entertainment.

★ I also recommend bringing a book for those who dont like to use and tech stuff like phones, ipod, laptops ect. But even if you do like that stuff a book is still worth bringing because it gives you a chance to relax :)

★ I would also have Filp Flop only because they are so comforable and nice to wear in hot weather. I dont have a pair like this i just thought thwy were bright and cute !

★ I think sunglasses are one of the most important things for summer because without them your eyes will kill. And everyone has there own style and even if they dont like one pair there are 100's to choose from. Just find one that suits you.

★ I also think summer make up is an imporant thing for summer but I dont have a picture of this.

★ Also I would like to say thank you for the comment form Chole ( ) please go check out her blog I really like it and I have read so some of here post they are so so good. SO check her out !! : )

Cutecatrjazz x